Intelligent Business Solutions

Dace IT is a Managed Service Provider of business intelligence and security solutions for industry. We offer cctv, cloud based application security, business analytic software (SaaS), cloud hosting, Intelligent Video Analytic solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile infrastructure management & network security, surveillance cameras and integration services.

Automatically analyzes the video stream and extracts meta data or useful information from images such as counting objects, colors, sizes and speeds. The typical applications are video motion detection, video pattern matching and auto tracking.


Sense Traffic Pulse

Cost-effective and easy-to-deploy Intelligent Video solution based on our patented IVA algorithm, software and partnered solutions featuring field-proven image processing technology and security cameras to change that video data to a gold mine for business. Customer behavior is recorded on the video and contains valuable information for improving marketing effectiveness, store operations, building layout designs, traffic patterns and more.

SoftLayer Infrastructure as a Service

On-demand cloud infrastructure that includes bare metal and virtual servers, storage, and networking all on a single platform, with full customer access and control.

Intelligent Security

Solutions that help detect, address, and prevent security breaches through integrated hardware and software solutions. Powered by deep analytics and trusted IBM Security expertise, our robust portfolio of comprehensive, scalable industry-leading tools delivers unparalleled security intelligence with reduced complexity and lower maintenance costs.

Vertical Solutions

Different industries have different needs and Dace IT’s products combined with our third-party partner solutions provide complete intelligence business, surveillance and security solutions.

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